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    Zero Excess and Excess Refund Explained

    Welcome to the wonderful world of car hire insurance. Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times and enjoy this informative and exciting ride through a land of excess, deposit amounts and insurance-like packages that help you save a little bit extra.

    First things first. Auto Europe does not provide insurance, the supplier does. The basic insurance provided by suppliers has an excess amount, which is the amount for which clients are liable in case of an accident. For instance, if there’s an accident with damages amounting to €500 and the excess is €300, the client would be responsible for those €300 pounds and the insurance would cover the rest.

    While Auto Europe does not provide insurance cover, we do provide some services to help you deal with the excess. These are our Zero Excess and Excess Refund packages. The Excess Refund package is available for many – though not all – of the cars we have on offer. Sometimes the Excess Refund is already included in the basic rate for the vehicle, but often it is considered an extra, for which the client pays an additional fee. Local suppliers also offer additional insurance to reduce the excess locally, but this is normally more expensive than booking the Excess Refund package through Auto Europe.

    Excess refund

    In this case, Excess Refund is already included in the hire and you don’t have to pay anything extra for this service

    Refundable excess coverage

    In this situation you are given the choice to either add Refundable Excess to your rental or to skip this step

    It is important to realise that even if you have the Excess Refund package, you still have an excess and you still have to leave a deposit that is often equal to that excess (returned after the vehicle is dropped off, provided it is dropped off in the same condition). The Excess Refund package doesn’t eliminate the excess. Rather, in the unfortunate event of an accident for which you have to pay excess to the supplier, Auto Europe will REFUND you that amount. Please note that in order to make a claim, you need the necessary documentation, a list of which can be found at the bottom of your voucher, together with a general overview of the claim procedure.

    The Zero Excess option, on the other hand, eliminates the excess amount. Often the Zero Excess option, when available, is already included in the basic rate you pay for the vehicle. Sometimes, however, it is considered an extra.

    Fully refundable excess

    Please note that even if you have Zero Excess cover, you will still need to leave a deposit blocked on an international Credit Card when picking up your vehicle at the desk, though that deposit will be smaller than if you had no ZE cover. The reason why a deposit is still necessary is because some elements of the car are excluded from the insurance coverage. You can find a list of those elements in the Terms, Conditions and Local Fees of our booking mask, on the voucher, and on the supplier’s rental agreement. You may be offered additional insurance locally to cover those items not included in the basic insurance, but please note that any additional insurance offered locally is OPTIONAL.

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