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    Car Hire Coverage – Your options with Auto Europe

    It can be a confusing and sometimes downright difficult to decide on the right coverage for your car hire, especially when you’re traveling abroad, as your unfamiliar with the local driving rules and regulations. In most cases you shouldn’t encounter any problems driving in another country, as the road signs and basic driving rules are standardised throughout the world. To make it easier, we suggest that you choose Auto Europe as your coverage provider, as it will take away the stress and worry that you would normally feel when renting a car. The best bit, you pay a fraction of the cost compared to the coverage bought directly at the desk. We suggest you pocket the savings for something special on your holiday!

    Below you will find all the essential information regarding your car hire coverage and we´ve even answered your frequently asked questions.

    Do I need car hire coverage when renting through Auto Europe?

    All vehicles hired through Auto Europe, irrelevant of supplier include the basic rate coverage as a minimum which will allow you to travel within the country of pick-up.

    What does the basic rate include?

    Your car hire will include the following as standard:

    • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) – will cover you in an event of damage to the hire vehicle, the customer will be liable up to the excess amount (deductible) as stated on the Auto Europe voucher and the amount charged will depend on your chosen supplier/vehicle category.
    • Theft Protection (TP) – will cover the renter in case of vehicle theft, however the customer will be liable for costs up to the excess amount (deductible) as mentioned on your Auto Europe voucher.

    Additionally, the basic rate includes Third Party Liability which covers the renter for damage caused to property or any persons outside of the vehicle and Fire Insurance in an event of fire relating to mechanical failure.

    Can I purchase optional coverage?

    Car Rental Coverage with Auto EuropeYou will be offered optional coverage as an add-on to your rental at the time of collection. It is important to note that these are optional and you are not required to purchase the extra coverage. An additional fee will apply and usually charged daily.

    Please refer to the below examples:

    • PEC (Personal Effects Coverage) – Covers personal effects in an event of loss or theft.
    • PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) – Covers accidental death, accident medical expenses and accident ambulance.
    • Premium Roadside Assistance – Covers non-mechanical problems of the hire vehicle and/or directly resulting from an accident.

    If you plan on traveling outside of the country of pick-up, you are required to mention this at the time of booking as some suppliers do not allow cross border travel. If the supplier allows travel outside the country, you may incur a cross border fee and you might be required to purchase extra coverage. In any case, it is important to notify Auto Europe and the supplier of your intent, failure to do so will result in your coverage being voided. Please refer to the booking terms and conditions for further details.

    What does ´Excess´ or ´Deductible´ mean?

    You will frequently encounter the terms excess or deductible when hiring a car. They closely resemble the terms used within your own vehicle insurance policy document. It simply implies the renter would be liable to cover the cost of the vehicle repair, up to a specified amount, in case of damage or theft of the hire car. As an example, if your hire car sustained damage that was valued at €2,000, the amount payable by the renter could be limited to only €1,000 as per the agreed CDW (Collision Damage Waiver). Please pay special attention to the defined amounts for CDW and TP, this information can be viewed during the booking process and after completing the process it would be written on your Auto Europe voucher.

    If you prefer not to be responsible for the excess or deductible amount in case of damage or theft of your car hire, Auto Europe offers the possibility of purchasing Zero Excess coverage (cover over the supplier), available at select few destinations and limited to specific suppliers. This particular product would reduce your responsibility to €0 (exclusions apply) and selectable during the booking process if available.

    Want a cheaper option? Opt for Auto Europe´s Refundable Excess with Super Cover; it will cover you for damage or theft of the hire vehicle without the excessive costs associated with typical supplier coverage. The difference is that you pay the supplier for the excess amount and then you file a claim through us to get the amount refunded. The good news is that our product will cover you for items that are not protected under CDW (Collision Damage Waiver). Taking advantage of our coverage would protect you in an event of damage to locks, bodywork, roof, glass, tyres, and hubcaps and so on.

    What are my coverage options?

    Sometimes it can be a daunting task choosing the best cover that suits your rental needs. We have listed the best possible options below in order to make it easier for you to decide. Please be aware of the security deposit requirement at the time of pick-up. The supplier will hold the deposit amount on the main driver´s credit card and it will be released once the vehicle is returned in the same condition as it was received. More information about the required security deposit amount can be found during the booking process and on the Auto Europe voucher.

    1. Basic coverage – This type of coverage comes as standard with all car hire bookings made through Auto Europe.
    2. Refundable Excess with Super CoverThis type of coverage is a top-up of the Basic coverage and provided by Auto Europe.
    3. Zero Excess included in the rateThis type of coverage is included in the rental price when making a booking with Auto Europe and you will be covered by the supplier. You will see this option if available at the time of searching for your vehicle through our booking engine.
    4. Coverage purchased at the desk – This type of coverage is only available at the pick-up location with the supplier. Usually this option will significantly increase the cost of your overall rental.

    What if I am involved in an accident? Or my hire car is stolen?

    In an event of an accident or theft, you must contact the local authorities and your car hire supplier to inform of the incident. It is important that you obtain a police report, as this is mandatory and needed to activate your policy. Full details of your coverage can be found in your policy document and/or Auto Europe voucher. We have detailed the necessary steps below:

    1. Contact the local police to notify them of the accident or theft and to obtain a police report.
    2. You must contact your car hire supplier within 24 hours of the incident.
    3. If safe to do so, obtain photographic and/or video evidence.
    4. Complete the Accident Report with your car hire supplier.
    5. If you chose our Refundable Excess with Super Cover while making your booking, please complete the claim form and it return it to Auto Europe with the necessary documents to file a claim.

    If you need assistance or have any another questions, please call our car hire specialists on +49 89 412 09 786 - We´re here to offer you a seamless car hire experience