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    Norway Car Hire Fleet Options

    Savour the Northern Aurora Lights, drive towards Lapland or explore the wonderful Norwegian city of Oslo. Norway is a country of outstanding beauty, with its fjords, forests, mountains and valleys. Travel from the milder south towards the snowy northern regions in comfort with one of our vehicles. If you love the outdoors and being amongst nature, then Norway is the place to be. Auto Europe has numerous car rental suppliers that provide vehicles at major hubs across the country. Our working relationships enable us to provide you with amazing rental deals. Providing you with a large selection of vehicles to choose from will guarantee total on-road satisfaction. This fleet guide will give an overview of what car type you can expect within each category.

    Why opt for a Mini Car Hire in Norway

    Mini Car HireNorway with its wide open landscapes is perfect for hiring a vehicle. If you are travelling on a budget it is recommended to hire a Mini car. Mini cars can seat two people with two carry-on bags comfortably. Ideal for city driving, these cars are great for parking and getting you around town. Very economical to run and hire, the Mini is the option to choose if you won’t be travelling long distances.
    Popular Mini Car Hire Models: VW UP, Chevrolet Spark, Citroen C1, Peugeot 107, Nissan Micra and many more.

    Why opt for an Economy Car Hire in Norway

    Economy Car HireIf you are travelling to Norway with four people and up to two bags, then consider an Economy car. With their great fuel-efficiency and extra comfort, these cars are also great for travelling in cities. Visit Norwegian restaurants and enjoy amazing local cuisine. Although slightly more expensive to hire in comparison with the Mini vehicles, the added comfort is more than worth it.
    Popular Economy Car Hire Models: Toyota Yaris, VW Polo, Peugeot 208, Hyundai i20 and many more.

    Why opt for a Compact Car Hire in Norway

    Compact Car HireWith all the benefits of the previous categories, but with a slightly higher hiring cost, our Compact cars are perfect for city life. With storage space for two large suitcases and one small bag, these cars have capacity for five people. A Compact car will provide you a very comfortable and stable drive along Norwegian roads. Visit some of Norway’s main tourist attractions and explore historical monuments at leisure.
    Popular Compact Car Hire Models: Ford Focus, Toyota Auris, VW Golf, Hyundai i30, Citroen C4, Toyota Urban Cruiser and many more.

    Why opt for a Mid-Size Car Hire in Norway

    Mid-Size Car HireIf you are thinking of hiring a car that perfectly balances comfort and space with value, then consider hiring a Mid-Size car. Their stronger engines will take you effortlessly on slightly longer journeys, meaning that heading into the local neighbourhoods shouldn’t be a problem. The cars have seating for five people and storage boot space for two large suitcases. If nearby, consider taking a trip to Naeroyfjord and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the local hospitality.
    Popular Mid-Size Car Hire Models: Audi A3, VW Passat, Toyota RAV, Mercedes B Class, VW Touran, Ford S-Max, Mercedes A Class, Volvo V40, Citroen C4 and many more.

    Why opt for a Family Size Car Hire in Norway

    Family Size Car HireNorway is very much a family orientated country. With many outdoor family activities to choose from and places to explore, if you are visiting with up to five people we would recommend hiring a Family Size car. These vehicles come with a boot space large enough for two large suitcases and a further two small ones. They have powerful engines which will allow you to head further out into the mountains and explore the local wildlife.
    Popular Family Size Car Hire Models: BMW 3 Series, Skoda Superb, VW Passat, Skoda Superb, Volvo S60, Volvo V70, Volvo V60, Mercedes E Class, Toyota Verso and many more.

    Why opt for a Luxury Car Hire in Norway

    Luxury Car HireBy far one of the most popular categories amongst our business travellers, our Luxury cars are packed with lots of on-board features and useful gadgets. In this category you can expect top car brands such as BMW, Audi or Mercedes, and all the charm that comes with driving one of these luxurious cars. These cars also have hard to match comfort and on-road stability. Storage should not be a problem - with large boots, these cars will store your entire luggage effortlessly.
    Popular luxury Car Hire Models: Tesla Model S, BMW 3 Series, Volvo V60, Mercedes E Class, BMW X1 and many more.

    Why opt for a Convertible Car Hire in Norway

    Convertible Car HireIf you enjoy the outdoors, fresh mountain air and the feeling of freedom, then very few countries provide this as much as Norway. If you like to connect with the local environment whilst out on the mountain roads, then our Convertible vehicles are a great option. With their powerful engines to easily take you between lakes and through coastal roads, these cars can seat up to five people and store their entire luggage.
    Popular Convertible Car Hire Models: Opel Astra Cabrio, VW Beetle Cabrio, Audi A3 Cabrio, Mini Cooper Cabrio and many more.

    Why opt for an SUV Car Hire in Norway

    SUV Car HireWith so much countryside, hiring an SUV will be one of the best choices you’ll make on holiday. These vehicles are especially adapted if you are planning to head further north into the snowy areas. However, make sure you request snow chains if planning to do so. With seating for five people and storage for all your snow gear, an SUV will take you safely and securely through harsher road conditions. Head to Lapland or visit the Reindeer Camp, with a 4x4 car you hopefully won’t come into any difficulties.
    Popular SUV Car Hire Models: Toyota RAV, Toyota Urban Cruiser, BMW X1 and many more.

    Why opt for Van Hire in Norway

    Van Car HireExploring Norway in a large group is great for added safety and joint experiences. Vans are ideal if you are taking a group of up to seven people to visit a fjord or a mountainous village. If planning to do some outdoor activities, or camping, our Vans can store your entire equipment and yet get you to your destination comfortably. Check out some Huskie camps or sightsee some iconic whales on safari. With a Van you can get everyone there economically and safely.
    Popular Van Car Hire Models: VW Touran, Ford S-Max, VW Caravelle and many more.
    We hope the fleet guide has been able to answer any category questions you might have had. If you have any further concerns or would like to make a reservation, then please contact Auto Europe's rental specialists on +353 768 887 790. We also provide a secure online booking engine for your convenience. Collecting a car hire in Norway is the perfect solution for travelling around this immense country.
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