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    Compact Car Hire with Auto Europe

    Compact Car Hire with Auto EuropeSmall families or travelling parties will find our compact category car hire quite convenient and suitable for their needs. Compact cars, such as the VW Golf and Opel Astra, are not only affordable, but also big enough to provide four passengers with sufficient space for their luggage. The boot will accommodate at least three small to medium-sized suitcases, which makes compact cars ideal not only for city breaks, for example a weekend in Paris, but also for shorter road trips.

    About Compact Car Hire

    A trip in one of the European countries can be a breeze with a Compact car hire. On the one hand, a Compact car can come quite handy when navigating narrow streets in older towns and on the other hand, they are stylish and comfortable. Compact cars are the best upgrade of our Minis, and are suitable for up to four passengers.

    Find out more about our Compact car fleet and choose a model to make your travels easier. Are you going to Barcelona soon? Any plans to visit Rome this year? Choose a Compact car and enjoy your sight-seeing trip in southern Europe!

    What is a Compact Car?

    Compact cars are not too big yet not too small cars. Unlike the Mini category, Compact cars have enough room for a small family, for example, or two adults and two children. Thanks to their features, Compact cars are one of the most frequently booked car categories.

    The Nash Rambler is known as the first American compact car, produced in 1950. Over the course of time, Compact cars have gained more and more importance and popularity. It is simple - Compact cars are larger than Minis and smaller than big family cars, which is why they take up the majority of car rental fleet offered by all major suppliers.

    Pros and Cons of Compact Cars

    Ever since the first Mini appeared on the market, the trend to expand the size of small cars has been present in the automotive industry. Most drivers want their cars to be small enough and maneuverable but also to provide them with enough space and comfort, hence the increased demand for Compact cars as they match both requirements.

    With their medium size, Compact cars offer enough interior space for passengers while also featuring a spacious boot. These vehicles are ideal if you need plenty of storage space and a medium-sized car for the road. Compact cars are known for their high safety standards and fuel efficiency. Although the fuel consumption is slightly higher when compared to a smaller car, booking a Compact car is recommendable if you want to feel comfortable and safe throughout your journey.

    Special Features of Compact Cars

    Auto Europe is able to bring you a variety of Compact car rentals with modern equipment. You are welcome to choose between two and four-door models or station wagons with a bigger boot, elegant sedans and even compact SUV's. In addition, our customers may take advantage of the numerous upgrades either to the next car category or simply better equipment. Use the search form to get the complete overview of the available models and find more information on the possible add-ons.

    Book the Best and the Safest Compact Car Rental

    Some of the brands on offer belong to the best car rental brands not only in Europe but also worldwide. One of the safest models in our Compact car category is the 4-door Mercedes A-Class with a luxurious hatchback and with manual or automatic transmission, manufactured in accordance with German safety standards. Thanks to its excellent fuel consumption, the Mercedes A-class has been assigned energy efficiency class A+. Its maximum speed with the R4 engine is 112 mph.

    Choose the 2-door Citroen DS3 for a romantic trip for two. The Citroen DS3 comes both as a hatchback and a convertible, which makes it ideal for a breathtaking ride along the Amalfi Coast. The car manufacturer Opel also offers high-quality Compact cars. For instance the Opel Astra is well-known for its economic fuel consumption and quite convenient if you travel a lot by car.Another popular brand in our Compact category is the 4-door Ford Focus. The user-friendly fuel consumption and clean-looking cockpit make this car one of  motorists’ favourite. It comes with manual or automatic transmission and with about 150 square feet space for luggage.

    The Best Compact Car Hire from Auto Europe

    Opt for a car rental from Auto Europe and benefit from our low prices. One of the perks of booking with us is our Best Price Guarantee in Europe and around the globe. Should you opt for a Compact car, you are in for a first-class, modern vehicles that will suit every motoris's need. Book online or call our reservation agents on the toll-free number 1800-943-075.


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