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    What's in a name? - A tale of two car hire companies

    Every now and then, particularly during the summer, we get some questions regarding “our” car hire desks in Italy. People sometimes queue at the car desks for Auto Europa only to be told when they get to the front of the line that they have been queuing in the wrong place all along. In order to help clarify this issue, here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get regarding Auto Europa.

    1. “I got to the front of the line to pick up my car and was told I was in the wrong place, even though that desk had a sign saying Auto Europa. What’s going on?”
    Auto Europe is a car hire broker. As such, we do not have our own fleet and we do not have our own pick up locations. When going to pick up your car, you should never look for the Auto Europe desk, because we have no pick up desks.


    Look for the supplier logo on our booking engine

    When you’re booking with Auto Europe, you’re actually booking with one of the many car hire suppliers we have partnerships with. They are the ones providing you with a car and they are the ones whose desk you should look for. You can always check which supplier is offering a given car on our booking engine by looking at the accompanying logo. This information is also provided on the first page of your voucher, under “Pick up Information”.

    2. “So, if you’re Auto Europe, who’s Auto Europa?”
    Auto Europa is an Italian car hire company. They’re a brand name of SicilyByCar and a licensee of Thrifty in Italy. Unlike Auto Europe, they are not a broker but rather manage their own fleet. When picking up a car from Auto Europa, clients should head for their desk, which will be identified as Auto Europa and SicilyByCar.

    3. “But the name and the logo are so very similar. Are you sure you’re not the same company?”
    Yes, entirely sure. Unfortunately, the similarity of the name and the logo does often cause confusion. The only thing we can do is try to ensure our clients are aware of who the supplier providing their car is, by continuously improving the information on our vouchers and on our site.

    Model voucher

    On the first page of your voucher, on the left-hand side, you have all your pick-up information, including who the Rental Company is. Click the image to see our full sample voucher.

    4. “I have booked in Italy before with Auto Europe and I picked up the car at the Auto Europa desk.”
    Auto Europe works with a number of international and local suppliers all over the world, including Thrifty in Italy. As such, it is not out of the realm of possibility that some of our clients have Auto Europa (Thrifty) as a supplier. In order to determine the correct supplier, clients should always check their voucher.

    If after checking the provided documentation you still have any questions or doubts regarding who your supplier is or about the pick up procedure, you can always contact our toll-free number 1300 943 075, and our agents will provide you with any necessary additional information.

    We hope you found this article informative! As always, you are welcome to leave your comments or questions in the comments section below.

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