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    Travel Inspiration Friday

    The year is barely 3 months old and already it is shaping up to be an exciting one. Fire rained down from the sky in Russia, a Pope resigned for the first time in 600 years and for the first time ever the Roman Conclave elected an American as Pope (the first non-European since the 8th century).

    Almost as exciting as a brand new Bishop of Rome, the nice people on the Internet put together the money for a Veronica Mars movie (the collective squee from fans is still echoing somewhere in the stratosphere), while rumours have it that Carrie Fischer and Harrison Ford are joining the cast for the new Star Wars movie, inducing even higher-pitched squeeing from the normally more jaded SW fans. All of these events provide ample excuse sources – as if any were needed – for some thematic travelling during the rest of the year.

    Here are some suggestions!

    Moscow, Russia – A blend of the sometimes severe Soviet era constructions and the majestic opulence of Imperial Russia buildings, Moscow is bound to impress even the least impressionable among us. Mandatory stops include the Kremlin, the Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral, but there’s plenty more to be seen. The Memorial Museum of Astronautics is well worth a visit and you can’t stay in Moscow without attending a performance at the Bolshoi Theatre. When not to go: winter. We have it on good authority that Russia is best avoided in the winter.

    Buenos AiresBuenos Aires, Argentina – Sometimes referred to as the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires is known for its charming European architecture and for being the birthplace of Tango – and somewhat more recently for being the birthplace of Pope Francis I. Attracting millions of visitors every year, Buenos Aires is the single most visited city in South America and the reason is clear: lovely architecture, fascinating culture, and good food. And if you want to spice up of your Buenos Aires trip with some mystery and adventure, take a tour of the tunnels built under the city. A relic of more troubled times, these tunnels run under much of the old part of the city and some sections can be accessed by visitors, namely the tunnels in “La manzana de las luces”.

    Los Angeles, USA – The City of Angels is the place to go for that unmistakable Hollywood charm and some sightseeing (of pretty buildings, pretty people, and the occasional A-lister), and while it may well be a frustrating exercise in how the other half lives, it can also be great fun. Things not to miss: the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Universal Studios theme park and Venice Beach. Things best avoided: the Hollywood sign. It’s a sign. It says Hollywood. Nothing to see here, folks.

    MarrakechMarrakech, Morocco – Another event coming up is the opening of the third season of Game of Thrones, scenes of which were filmed in Morocco. Located just across the Strait of Gibraltar, Morocco is at once familiar and foreign. While Casablanca is one of the country’s best known cities, as well as its industrial and economic centre, the city may feel a bit soulless to the occasional visitor. Marrakech on the other hand, is nothing short of lovely, with just the right amount of exoticism to make you feel like you just walked into something out of Arabian Nights. The old historic district is alive with endless bazaars, snake charmers, story tellers and musicians. The Majorelle Gardens are perfect for a leisurely stroll and you can’t miss a visit to the delightful El Bahia Palace.

    What about you? What other places do you feel inspired to visit? Let us know in the comments

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