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    Strange hotels

    Around the globe there are many comfortable, beautiful and stylish hotels. But there are also some that wants to set themselves apart by providing extraordinary experiences. When staying at such hotels the accommodation is the attraction itself, not the surroundings. We have browsed the Internet for nuts and silly hotels. Here are some of them:

    The Ice hotel in Sweden

    In the Northern part of Sweden you will find the little village of Jukkasjarvi. Each year a hotel is being built here – all of ice and snow! In the middle of November a crew of designers, snow builders and ice sculptors arrive to complete this unique Ice hotel. Stay over in an ice-suite and begin the day with a visit in the warm sauna, enjoy a drink in the ice bar and experience the northern lights and the breathtaking mountain views. Staying at this hotel costs from approx. 110 EUR per night.

    Ice hotel

    Underwater hotel in Fiji

    Underwater hotel
    On a little island in Fiji there is an underwater hotel called Poseidon Resorts. The hotel, which lies 12 meters under the surface, has 22 rooms with a 270 degrees angle of sea view. To be able to get up to the surface you must use a lift! But who needs to do that when there are 6 restaurants and 7 bars available on the sea floor. You can even get married here! One week in this odd and fabulous hotel would set you back 230 000 Eur (per couple).

    Compact sleeping in Japan

    Capsule Inn is what is sounds like – a hotel with capsules. If the underwater hotel in Fiji was luxurious this must be considered as low budget. Staying at this hotel is not an option if you suffer from claustrophobia or if you are a light sleeper. In your little capsule you have access to a small TV-monitor and you have Internet connection. To stay here would cost you from 8 EUR per night.

    Sleep in a wine barrel

    In Stavoren in the Netherlands you can find accommodation in an old wine barrel. From around 50 EUR per person and night you can get a barrel of your own, with a nice little front porch at the hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren.

    Giraff ManorInvite a giraffe to breakfast

    Approx. 20 km from Nairobi in Kenya you can stay in an old and beautiful mansion from the 1930s. That is in fact not very odd. The strange thing is that in the garden there are free-range giraffes. At breakfast they might pay you a visit by sticking their heads through the windows and snatch a bite of your sandwitch. Giraff Manor is something extra ordinary for people wild about giraffes.


    Live in the tree crowns

    The hotel called Woodpecker in the Swedish town of Vasteras consists of a a little red and white tree house 13 meters up in a big oak tree. In the middle of the city park the Swedish artist Mikael Grenberg has designed this unusual cabin. It houses two people and once you have checked in you just pull up the rope ladder and seattle in. Halp pension is offered and breakfast and dinner can be brought to your little porch in the air.

    Fancy visiting one of these odd hotels? Why not book a rental car from Auto Europe at the same time?

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