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    The Perfect Offline Holiday

    An offline holiday - is it even possible these days? After all, holidays are meant for fun and relax, so why deprive ourselves from our habits or online addictions? It would have to be something very special to turn our attention away from an online life. Perhaps if we provide you with some statistics, you would get a better understanding of how travellers are dependent on being online.

    Auto Europe, a reputable car hire broker has recently conducted a survey on how people spend their holiday. It turns out that travellers use different technological devices like mobile phone, iPads, kindles or laptops for approximately 2.8 hours daily while on holiday. Within this time, they spend 2 hours on social media. While a little over forty percent of holiday makers state they do not use social media posting to let friends and family know what are they up to, a quarter of all travellers use social media once or twice to communicate with others via posts.

    Is this not a little scary, if not very sad, that we spend so much time in a virtual reality based on photos showing all smiling and beautiful people? This creates a false image of what a real life looks like, and often makes social media users feel blue that they do not have such a perfectly looking tan, body or such cool stories to tell.

    While scrolling down different images of super-happy people, our best version of life is passing by unnoticed. Our real life goes on and we do not realise it and miss the opportunities it brings along. We close ourselves off in a virtually large world of social media and do not enter the new friendships we could make if we stopped looking at a mobile phone screen. People go on pilgrimages as a way of travelling deep inside themselves. Once you find your inner life amusing, you wont need the Internet. Perhaps a travel to our inside is the best trip we could ever go on? This is when we are not disturbed by the desire to check on the social media or browse through the Internet, we are getting an incline to liking the self-time.

    Is an offline holiday possible?

    It appears to be a very difficult task, to clear out minds and to think of nothing. Is this even possible? Meditation gurus would say it is, that it is only a matter of practice. Such meditation holidays are offered in more and more places nowadays and holiday providers have begun offering new packages for off-line breaks. Isn't it tempting to think of nothing? all in all, our brains deserve a break too.

    What would set your mind free? Hiking in the mountains? Meditation on a secluded beach? Or maybe getting yourself isolated in a monastery where no one talks to each other? Have you ever considered what would make you switch off your mind? Homework for everyone. Let's leave our mobiles home and go out. Let's do it as a practice before going on holidays, so that we dosage being offline gradually. Hopefully, when the break comes, we will be ready to live through it without posting selfies online. This is, perhaps, when we will notice the real importance of travelling?

    Once we are ready to leave the virtual life behind, the perfect offline holiday can begin, and this is up to you what it would be. Do you have any ideas? Do tell us and leave a comment below this blog!

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