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    Local laws in Italy

    If you don’t know the local Italian laws, you can easily and unknowingly get on the wrong side of it. This has been experienced by famous people such as Steven Spielberg and by many tourists while they explore the Italian culture.

    StreetsignWhen Steven Spielberg visited brought his 85-meter yacht near Sardinia, he was given a fine for sailing too close to the coast. According to the local law, it is prohibited to sail close to the shore in motorized boats, as it can be dangerous for the beach guests in the water. Spielberg was given a fine of 172 Euros, and in order for you to prepare for your trip to Italy and to avoid fines like this, we have composed a little guideline of seven things not to do when you are on holiday in Italy.

    1. In Castellammare di Stabia, South of Naples, miniskirts, pants with a very low waist and too much cleavage is prohibited. Violations of this can risk a fine of up to 300 Euro. It is also forbidden to swear in public places and climb trees.

    2. In the Italian resort island of Capri a dress code is mandatory. Tourists must dress appropriately when they walk in the streets while not making too much noise. If you strut your stuff in tall and loud heels, you could get on the bad side of the local authorities.

    3. On the beach in Eraclea near Venice, heavy fines are given to those visitors who build sand castles on the beach. Apparently it is to not be in the way of beach guests. 

    4. In the historical center of Rome, it is not a good idea to pull a sandwich out of you handbag to satisfy your hunger. HerePolice it is not allowed to eat on the street.

    5. Be sure to have enough money with you on a holiday to Eboli, if you plan on sharing kisses with your beloved in the car. Here it can cost you up to 500 Euro to kiss in a vehicle.

    6. Make sure to cover up when you leave the beach in Lerici on the Italian Riviera. In fact it is mandatory to wear more than just a bathing suit, when you walk on the street. This goes hand in hand with not hanging you towel over the balcony or out the window to dry, when you get back to your hotel or holiday apartment.

    7. In the Tuscan city of Lucca is not allowed to feed the pigeons in the city center.

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