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    How to relax on noisy airplane trips

    Perhaps it’s the person sitting next to you, whose personal anecdotes rolls over you like a verbal tsunami. Perhaps it’s the infant in front of you, who’s screaming and crying tells a sad story of how much the baby hates to fly. Sometimes it can seem like the noise in the plane is non-stop and carries on for several hours or maybe even the whole plane trip.
    You try to relax, find your holiday mode but the adrenaline is pumping, there is not enough space for your legs and you can’t seem to find rest.

    Many surveys have shown that travelers are most annoyed with other passengers talking too much and crying children. In fact, a few Asian airlines have created childfree zones on their planes.

    But how do we best calm down and relax on noisy plane trips? We have a few advices for your plane ride.

    1. Accept the aircraft noise and that people on planes can at times be very noisy.
    In fact as soon as you accept this, your body will stop fighting against it and you will be calmer. This is a way to save unnecessary negative energy and removing your negative focus.

    2. Focus on something else.
    Let yourself choose something positive and interesting to focus on. Watch a good movie, read a good book, daydream or listen to music. When you focus on something positive, this will translate to your thoughts and feelings. In fact it is much easier to focus your attention on one particular thing, than trying to force your mind away from something else.

    3. Do not judge.
    The difference between sound and noise, is that we give noise a negative meaning. If you hear a child crying, you don’t always just hear a child crying. When you start to feel sorry for yourself and get mad at the parents. Only then does the crying become and issue for you. Imagine instead that all sounds on the airplane are a part of a musical concert. Let it be a collection of sounds to listen to, instead of an annoying noise that penetrates your thoughts.

    4. Find your empathy.
    Think of how the child or the parents of the child are feeling. No parent enjoys a crying child and some feel very sorry for disturbing other people. Instead of getting angry or feeling self-pity, rather feel sorry for the parents, who are struggling with a child who might not want to sleep or whose ears hurt. A child often doesn’t understand the loud noises the airplane makes and is perhaps not comfortable being around big crowds or sudden movements of the plane. Tell yourself that it is a shame for the child and not for you. Empathy will warm your body, while irritation or self-pity annoys your body and makes you tired.

    5. Explore the noise.
    Perhaps the noise is in fact not very loud but instead just sounds that can be explored. If you walked around in the Seattle Fish Market or a food market in Maputo, Mozambique, you would also be exposed to high and many sounds. But here, you consider the sounds a part of the experience. Consider your flight time and experience, where you can be curious and explore. What is the behavior of the people on the plane? What could be the reasons for the doing and what sort of feeling or sense do they have? This way you can explore you plane ride in exact the same way as an exotic tourist attraction.

    Use these guidelines the next time you fly and find your inner peace to enjoy your holiday.

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