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    Holiday Stats Infographic

    The results of the brand new research in Europe commissioned by Auto Europe show us how Europeans holiday! Summer calls for action, holiday fever is a given, and the grass is greener on the other side. In this case, it’s on the beach.

    We’ll travel approximately 2,810 km to reach our dream destination and spend 2,542 euros on a two-week holiday including the flights, accommodation and spending money.

    As it’s usually a sunny destination we’re headed to, we’ll get up early enough to grab the sunbed at noon and will bask in the sun for about three hours to get the perfect tan. The darker, the better – we want to flaunt our sun-kissed skin back home and show the world we’ve been on the beach.

    On average we’ll finish 2.4 books during our time off. We’ll also use our mobile devices, be it a phone or an ipad, for about 2.8 hours and spend 2 hours on social media a day.

    Before the tension loosens up, we’ll have three arguments with our friends, partners or family. We’ll also get lost twice and complain about being too hot eight times in two weeks.

    Can you actually believe that a total of 44 alcoholic drinks will be consumed over our two-week stay? The drinks will wash down the extra calories we consume – the study shows that one in five will eat over 500 calories a day more than at home while four in ten don’t keep an eye on what they eat at all.

    What would a proper summer holiday be without a holiday romance? About 33% of us admit to getting intimate on holiday, 18% never experience any intimacy and even 12% can’t even count the times they got intimate on holiday!

    The below infographic shows the stats and figures about our holiday habits. Enjoy!

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