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    European dishes all foodies must try

    Foodies know that holiday usually is a synonym for throwing the diet out of the window – as proved by latest study commissioned by Auto Europe.


    European eating habits abroad

    Results show that the majority of Europeans consume around 500 extra calories while on holiday. The same study also reveals that 41.3% of the participants don’t watch what they eat during this time. That’s close to one in three Italians. This number is higher with the Swedish poll takers – over 50% admitted they don’t limit caloric intake abroad. On the other hand, 6.7% Europeans make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of calories consumed on holiday.

    Energy in, energy out

    So, is it possible to find a balance? Well, there are many things we can do in order to make the most of the holidays without feeling guilty. For instance, we can duplicate the healthy habits of Germans, who revealed walking an average of 3.1 hours per day while away. Hiking or hitting the snows slopes are other great ways to keep the figure. We can also practice portion control, like 2.9% of French and Dutch respondents, who try to eat 1000 less calories.

    Paradise for foodies

    A holiday in Europe is nothing short than paradise for foodies. Traditional cuisine is highly acclaimed, and every country has its own unique combination of ingredients, resulting in flavourful and tasty national dishes.

    France is known for its ‘baguettes’ and ‘macarons’, but the French cuisine is incredibly rich, especially considering that every province has different dishes. Describing them would need an entire article, so we will focus on their hearty vegetable stew called ‘ratatouille’, the’ Quiche Lorraine’ (traditional tart with eggs, bacon and cheese) and the sweet pastries filled with cream, the ‘éclairs’.

    BratwurstsFoodies in Germany will be treated to grilled ‘Bratwursts’, perfectly accompanied with their best artisanal beers. The ‘Spätzle’, a vegetarian egg noodle dish, is also very common in the country. Additionally, the delicious ‘Apfelkuchen’, a sweet pastry filled with apples, will make you smile and ask for a second portion!

    Tourists heading to Greece must try their famous ‘moussaka’ dish, consisting of eggplant and spiced meat. As a snack, have the ‘tiropites’, bite-sized pastry triangles filled with cheese. The meal wouldn’t be complete without desert, like the ‘baklava’ squares, mouth-watering pastries layered with cinnamon-spiced nuts and syrup. Greeks love them, you will probably too.

    In the Netherlands, a national favourite is the ‘stamppot’, a pan full of mashed potatoes mixed with vegetables or bacon. And for those with a sweet tooth, the world- famous cookies with caramel filling, known as ‘stroopwafels’, are the perfect treat. We also have to mention the best snack in the world, ‘bitterballen’, made with meat. It is impossible to eat just one!

    PizzaItalian cuisine has made a significant contribution to the world and it is very diverse regionally. Recipes of their pastas and pizzas have been passed down from generation to generation, and influenced many variations abroad. But Italy is also responsible for the creation of rice dishes called ‘risotto’, incredible fish recipes and great deserts, such as ‘tiramisu’ and ‘panna cotta’.

    In Conclusion

    We could go on and talk about the Portuguese ‘pastéis de nata’ and the Spanish ‘paellas’, or even the beloved Swedish herring dish ‘surströmming’. The truth is that there are so many other European dishes that foodies celebrate. But we are just so hungry now! Let us know which local delicacy caught your attention, and don´t forget to share recipes from your own country on the comments section.

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