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    Car rental and Fuel Policies

    One of the many questions we receive from customers often concerns fuel charges at the local company. Therefore, in order to prepare for your next car rental trip, we thought we'd create a guide to the different types of fuel agreements our partners have.

    Fuel policies differ not only between car rental companies, but also by country. It can therefore be a big help to know what rules apply to your exact car rental before you pick-up your car. On your Auto Europe reservation voucher, it will be stated in the terms and conditions what fuel policy applies to your car rental. If this policy is not followed, the local car rental company may charge extra to fill up the tank, or you will not receive a compensation for unused fuel.

    Full – Full:

    This is the most common fuel policy. You will pick up the rental car with a full tank of fuel and you will need to return it with a full tank. If you do not fill it up, you will be charged for the extra fuel in addition to an administrative fee. This type of fuel policy is for example available in countries such as Sweden, Germany, Denmark and with car hire in Norway.

    Full – Empty:

    Especially car rental companies in Spain uses this policy greatly. When you pick up the rental car, you will pay a fee for a full tank of fuel and will need to return it as empty as possible, as you will not get a refund for the left over fuel. For short-term rental (up to 4 days), however, some car rental companies do make certain exceptions and offer compensation for unused fuel.

    Empty – Empty

    In this car, the vehicle is received with very little fuel left in the tank and must be returned the same way. This was the you only pay for the fuel you use, but it of course requires that you have the time and availability to refuel immediately and that you plan on driving far enough to use all the fuel. This type of policy is, however, not very common.

    Same – Same

    With this policy, you will receive the car with a certain amount of fuel left in the tank. This amount will be noted by the car rental company. You must then return the car with the same amount of fuel left in the tank.

    Gold Rate – First tank of fuel for free:

    When you rent a car in the U.S. and Canada, Auto Europe offers Gold Rate Packages. In this package, the first tank of fuel is already included in the price of the car rental, and therefore, you should return the car with as little fuel in as possible. Unused fuel will also not be refunded in this case. This package is especially convenient, when you want to drive away with the car fast and easy and without any extra charged from the car rental company.

    Please always remember to check the type of fuel policy that applies to your car rental and should you have any further questions regarding fuel or other car rental topics, you are always welcome to contact us on +49 89 412 09 786 or

    Have a great trip!

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