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    What annoys us at the airports

    Holidaying may sometimes be as stressful as a day at work. The first troubles may already begin at the airport. Before you take off to the holiday paradise, you need to deal with all that time-consuming airport procedures and other travellers.

    Auto Europe has conducted a survey on “What annoys us at the airports”. We have gathered our respondents replies and compiled them in the below infographic. See what irritates travellers at the airports step by step.


    The first thing we do when we arrive at the airport is the luggage check-in. This is , unfortunately, already the first moment when things can go wrong. Our respondents complain that most often the desks are understaffed and the queues are soaring. Once you get to be seen by the attendant, it turns out there is a problem with your luggage and you need to repack or remove some items in front of other impatient travellers.

    Security control

    Once you successfully check-in your luggage, another queuing begins. Yes, beloved security control! Not only are you waiting in a queue worried you may not get on time to your gate, but also once you finally reach the security desk, it turns out you need to take some of your clothes and shoes off. You are getting a personal check and some of the hand-luggage items need to be thrown away.

    Shops & restaurants

    Congratulations, you have passed the security control! Now it’s time to find your gate through the maze of the duty-free shops with assistants following you and spraying heavy-sweet perfumes on you. Our survey participants mentioned that the quality of airport food is also questionable.

    Waiting at the gate

    Once you reach your gate, it turns out that all the seats in the waiting area are taken, some by a newspaper or a fellow-passenger’s bag who pretend not to see other travellers standing around. It gets even worse when the flight is delayed.

    Survey results show that, unfortunately, it’s us, the people, who make time at the airport difficult to bear. Let’s have this in mind when next time we are travelling by plane.

    What annoys us at the airports

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