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    A Tuscan Holiday

    What most tourists know or ever care to learn about Pisa is that the city has a tower, which happens to be leaning. It’s leaning just enough to be interesting, though not enough to end its days as a somewhat less than impressive pile of rubble. As marketing goes, it was a struck of genius – however accidental – and its original architect could have not wished for a more lasting monument if he had designed it flawless and straight as all towers ought to be, if at all possible.

    If you ask if it’s really worth paying the hefty fee to climb to the top, the most logical answer would be no. Pisa is a charming city, make no mistake, but it’s not half as scenic as many other Italian cities, and the famous tower has little else to reccomend it other than being lopsided. Logic aside, if you’re in Pisa, pay the fee – however outrageous – and climb the tower, cause it’s Pisa and that’s what you do!

    After that’s out of the way, visit the Duomo, so you can admire architecture that doesn’t owe its merit to the caprice of gravity. For all its charms, Pisa will only keep you entertained for a few hours, but fear not. Having a car hire in Italy means you can just move on to the next item on the list. Drive your Pisa car hire to charming Lucca, a city whose many monuments stand erect, in clear defiance of the example set by Pisa’s most famous construction.

    Lucca does not lack for pretty buildings, charming piazzas and scenic sights, but that is no more than one should expect from any Italian city. All the same, it’s a good stop on the way to that which is possibly the most stunning city in the region, or even in Italy, nay, the world! Saying that Florence is gorgeous, however accurate, is missing the point entirely.

    More than asthetically pleasing, this Italian city is the epitome of the Italian Renaissance, a city that seems to breathe art. The very city feels like an open air museum and its many galleries boast the works of the great Italian masters, such as Da Vinci, Donatello, Michelangelo and Rafaello. Throw in a bit of pop culture in this classical mix, and you’ll have Ninja Turtles jokes to entertain you for days!

    Have you ever been to Tuscany? What are your favourite sights?

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