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    15 tips for your next long distance flight

    Winter is a popular time for long flights to remote and warm destinations. This often means 10 or more hours on the plane. We guide on how to get the best possible travel.

    1. Direct flights vs. stop-overs. Some prefer only one security check and one airplane boarding, while others prefer to break the long flight up into pieces. Therefore, do what suits you best to enjoy the trip as much as possible.

    2. Use both the blanket and pillow provided by the airline and if needed ask for an extra pillow, should you want a softer sleeping environment.

    3. If you would like to sleep as much as possible, ask the stewardess not to be awakened for breakfast (often two hours before landing). Bring instead some fruit and snacks that you can eat when you wake up.

    4. Brush your teeth before you lie down to sleep. And again, before the plane lands.

    5. Put on comfortable clothes to fly in and change just before you board the plane. Choose clothing that is loose and something that will keep you warm during the flight, as long distance flights can often be very cold. Wear for example several layers of clothing, so you can take it on and off according to your needs. Bring clean clothes that you can change into to before you land in order to feel fresh and clean.

    6. Especially for women: Remove makeup and use a good facial cream before you go to sleep. Also use lip balm and hand cream to make sure your skin moisturized.

    7. Bring something to pass the time. A book, a magazine, games or an iPad loaded with everything (including a fully charged battery). Most airlines today also have an entertainment system on the plane.

    8. Choose your seat carefully. If you prefer to sleep, a window seat is recommended. If you want to move around a bit more, then an isle seat is recommended. Would you like to move quickly through immigration when you arrive, select a seat in the front of the plane (so you do not have to wait for your fellow passengers, who have come out of the plane before you).

    9. Be well rested before departure. If you are not able to fall asleep on the plane, you will only be double tired when you land.

    10. Bring earplugs, neck pillow and a sleeping mask. It improves the ability to sleep fairly comfortably.

    11. Drink plenty of water, like 2-3 liters. Also make sure to have water available at all times (also at night), as your mouth can get dry when sleeping in the dry airplane air. Avoid coffee, tea, cola and alcohol.

    12. Fasten your seat belt over your blanket. In this way, you will not be awakened by a flight attendant, who might need to check whether you are wearing the seat belt.
    13. It can be a good idea to take a little sleeping/relaxing pill. This will make you doze off easier. However, don’t experience with just any type of medication. Ask your doctor for advice is needed.

    14. Place what you need on the trip, in the seat pocket in front of you. In this way, you won’t need to look through you bag to find what you need. Put also your passport and a pen here, if you need to fill in various forms before landing.

    15. Butter Vick VapoRub – or something similar – under the nose. It can relieve the cold symptoms, you can easily get from the dry cold air on planes.

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