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    Car Hire with Smile Rent: Everything you need to know

    Smile Rent Car Hire - Auto EuropeIf you’re looking for a more traditional way to car hire, consider a cra hire with Smile Rent via Auto Europe. This innovative way to hire a car sets it apart and is very convenient, with a large vehicle fleet to choose from. Firstly, customers will have to download and install the Smile Rent App on their device. This can be done either via the App Store – for Apple devices, or Google Play – for Android devices.

    Customers will then have to register in order to complete the booking process and collecting their vehicle. In order for Smile Rent to conduct its online verification, the main driver has to upload their driving licence and identification. Once registration is complete, customers can then add their pre-booked reservation to the app. This is easily done but searching for your booking within the reservation section.

    Auto Europe has been within the global car hire industry business for more than 65 years. During this time, it has built strong working relationships with all its partnered suppliers. Along with standard car hire, we also hire out luxury cars and motorhomes. We are positive that a rental with Smile Rent will be a positive experience, especially due to its pioneering way of managing your booking via its app. Contact our reservation agents to discuss your next rental needs or place a booking.

    car Rental with Sicily by Car in Italy

    Smile Rent is an innovative way to car hire in Italy. Being part of the Avis-Budget Group – this new self-service method of hiring a car is not only a low-cost option for those on a budget, but also very convenient. The service was first trialled out in Rome at its airport – Rome-Fiumicino Leonardo de Vinci Airport, and in Milan at Milan-Malpensa Airport. It is the aim of Smile Rent to be present in the future in all of Italy’s main airports and central train stations.

    The Smile Rent App method is ideal for those customers who like technology and want to avoid long queues at the rental counter. Queues that can sometimes take up to three hours to process during peak times. With the app customers are processed and, on their way, as soon as possible. A shuttle service will take customers from the terminal to the rental car park – where you will find your vehicle. Customers can then unlock the car via the app and locate the car keys in the glove compartment.

    Important Information for collecting your car hire

    Customers must firstly download and install the Smile Rent App from either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Once registered, customers can make their way to the car park where the vehicle is waiting. Upon confirmation of the reservation, further details will be sent to the customer for them to pick-up their Smile Rent car hire. With this new service, customers do not need to head to the car rental counter. Instead, customers can head straight to the vehicle.

    Whether you are travelling for business or leisure purposes in Italy, a car hire with Smile Rent is always a good option, especially for those looking to continue their onward journey quickly. This hassle-free service without a doubt will change the way customers book and collect a vehicle. Renting a vehicle has never been so convenient, easy and affordable – allowing customers of any budget to rent a car.

    Common Self-Service Questions

    What happens if I cannot download the app?

    We recommend downloading and installing the Smile Rent App at least 48-hours before arriving. This not only gives plenty of time to fix any problems, but also to get you on your way quicker once you arrive. By not downloading the app before arriving, customers will face a delay in collecting their car. This is because Smile Rent will have to process your details manually.


    What documents do I have to present when I go to pick-up my car hire?

    Customers must have a valid driving licence, valid identification and the reservation voucher in digital form. If you reside outside of the European Union, you must have your passport as form of ID. Once all these documents have been checked, Smile Rent will not ask for them again.


    Where at the airport is Smile Rent?

    There is a reliable shuttle service from the terminal to your rental car park where you will find your car hire. At Rome-Fiumicino Airport, take the airport shuttle service to car park P2 – zones 2-3 within the Long-Term Car Park. At Milan-Malpensa Airport, take the airport shuttle bus located at the ‘Staff Car Park’ once you have left Terminal T1.


    Where is my car hire parked?

    Open the app and use its car locator map to locate your car hire.


    Where are the keys to my car hire?

    Upon arriving at your car, click the unlock button on your app. Once the car is unlocked you will find the car keys within the glove compartment.


    What credit card types are accepted by the car hire supplier for deposit purposes?

    You will require a valid credit card to hire a car with Smile Rent. Pre-paid credit cards are not accepted. Mastercard and Visa credit cards are accepted.


    What is the car hire fuel policy?

    Vehicles must be returned with the same fuel amount as when collected. The Smile Rent App is synchronised with the vehicle fuel level and can measure exactly how much fuel the vehicle has at any time. Smile Rent offers a refuelling service for added convenience. At present the cost is around €30, in addition to the cost of the fuel needed to fill up the tank. Fuel prices are set according to the European Union fuel bulletin, which can be consulted at

    Smile Rent will charge a fee for the amount of fuel missing in comparison with the amount of fuel in the car when it was collected. It will employ a tolerance of up to one litre.


    Where do I leave the car keys upon returning the car hire?

    At the end of your car rental, you should leave the car keys in the glove compartment (Where you found them at the beginning of the rental), and lock the car again using your app. This will terminate your car hire with Smile Rent.