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    June 10
    The only issue was that the first car given had only two doors when a four door car had been...
    June 07
    Car although very recent had quite bad bodywork damage. Great to drive & size very good, but poor image. (Large paintwork damage)
    June 03
    V satisfactory but expensive!
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    Car Hire with Europcar Premium Pick-Up through Auto Europe

    Car Hire with Europcar Premium Pick-UpNowadays, with contactless interactions between customers and companies becoming ever more popular, Europcar has come up with the perfect solution. Introducing the Europcar Premium Pick-up service, which allows customers to collect their vehicle and be on the road safely and quickly.

    There are many benefits to opting for this service as opposed to the more traditional way of picking up your car. Customers no longer need to go to the rental supplier’s office. This provides many benefits, least of all saving customers time by not having to join long queues. With this service, a customer simply collects the keys within the car park – saving time and limiting contact with others. Added to this the extra cleaning and hygiene measures introduced by rental suppliers due to Covid-19, means customers benefit from a self-service experience that protects them and others.

    With a simple user-friendly design, the Auto Europe website now offers customers the ability to opt for a car hire with Europcar Premium Pick-up and many other trusted suppliers. With an ever growing availability of key dispensers located in strategic pick-up areas, customers via our booking engine are now able to see if this service is available at their location.

    Europcar Premium Rental service: What is the premium pick-up service?

    During peak travel periods, such as during the summer, Easter and Christmas, collecting a rental car can be more stressful due to the larger queues at car hire supplier offices. The traditional way of collecting a vehicle always requires filling in extra paperwork, providing driver details, identification checks and more – this can be extremely tiring especially after a long-haul flight, or if travelling with kids.

    Imagine then, a service that allows you to collect the vehicle keys quickly and with zero paperwork and queues!

    This is why Europcar has come up with this new Premium Pick-up service, which seamlessly guides the customers through a pick-up process that avoids all the headaches of traditional renting.

    Here at Auto Europe we want all our customers to benefit from a professional and positive car rental experience, with a seamlessly quick and easy key collection procedure. This is why we have adopted the new Europcar Premium Pick-up service, which means no waiting in queues at reception, but instead collecting the car keys at a car rental supplier collection point.

    Customers will be on the road as quickly and safely as possible, and be able to enjoy their upcoming trip.

    Hire your car with Europcar without the need to wait

    Europcar Premium Pick-Up Self Service Key DispenserThis new Europcar Premium Pick-up service is one of the best and most user-friendly experiences for collecting a rental vehicle. With minimum effort by using this self-service, customers will be on the road as soon as possible. To be eligible, customers have to book a Premium Package and upload all the required details into the system. This includes; driving licence, identification, etc. Once all your paperwork is checked and confirmed to be okay, and a pre-payment is made, all customers have to do is electronically validate the terms and condition and rental agreement.

    Once the booking has been finalised online, you’ll receive a confirmation and further important details on the reservation. With these details you can then pre-register for the self-service before you arrive. In order to pre-register you will need to have your booking details, rental dates, email address and booking reference, together with your driving licence, identification and credit card.

    When you arrive at the pick-up location, head towards the self-service pick-up point to collect your car rental with Europcar Premium Pick-up. The following steps will gain you access to the vehicle keys at the self-service dispenser point:

    1. Choose your language
    2. Input your booking reference and date of birth or scan your voucher’s QR code
    3. Pick a vehicle from your chosen car category
    4. Using your bank card, pay for the fuel deposit and authorise a car hire deposit to be blocked on your card. This is in accordance with your bookings Terms and Conditions, and will be released back onto your card at the end of the rental
    5. Collect the vehicle keys once available and enjoy your onward trip journey.

    Europcar Premium Pick-Up Advantages

    ✔ Avoid the queues

    With Europcar’s Premium Pick-up service customers can avoid the long queues often associated with traditional car pick-up procedures. These are especially apparent during peak periods, summer time and during festive periods. This is the ideal process for anyone who is in a rush, to get to an important meeting for example. All the details, documents and forms have been pre-filled by you before arriving, and now all that is left is to finalise the process on the self-service machine.

    ✔ No small print

    At Auto Europe we strive to be as transparent as possible with all the rental vouchers Terms and Conditions. We want all customers to be fully aware of commitments and satisfied during their rental. With the Europcar Premium Pick-up service, everything is done before you arrive, therefore no hidden surprises or added costs.

    ✔ Award winning staff

    With the Europcar Premium Pick-up service there are no queues or paperwork to worry about. However, if customers do require assistance during or after their rental, our award-winning customers service representatives are always on-hand should the need arise.

    ✔ Safety first

    Having your date secure online is Auto Europe’s highest priority, this means that customers who opt to use the Europcar Premium Pick-up service can rest assure that all the data is protected during the whole process and validation.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Europcar Premium Pick-Up

    Following you’ll see some of the more common questions associated with the new Europcar Premium Pick-up service, such as where the service is available and how much it costs. This section has been designed with you in mind, facilitating the process and helping customers to gain a better in-depth knowledge of this self-service package.

    What is included in the Europcar Premium Pick-up package?

    The rate of the Europcar Premium Pick-up service includes zero excess damage, theft protection, unlimited mileage, a full-to-full petrol policy, full cover of the vehicles glass, tyres, lights and windscreen. In addition, it also includes road-side assistance, a Via Verde automatic toll-payment device (Madeira and Azores excluded), young driver surcharge (if applicable), and a deposit reduction.


    Which branches offer this service?

    Europcar’s Premium Pick-up service is available in Portugal at the following locations:

    1. Lisbon Airport
    2. Porto Airport
    3. Faro Airport
    4. Madeira/Funchal Airport


    Where are the key dispensers located?

    Lisbon Airport

    At Lisbon Airport the key dispenser is located in Europcar’s office within the rent-a-car zone. Simply follow the car rental signs after exiting arrivals.

    Porto Airport

    At Porto Airport the key dispensers are located inside the Europcar office. This of which can be reached via a shuttle bus from the terminal available at the RAC bus stop.

    Faro Airport

    At Faro Airport the key dispenser is located in the rent-a-car zone outside the main terminal. Upon leaving the luggage re-claim area follow the signs to the rent-a-car zone and you’ll find the dispenser on the right hand-side inside the office.

    Madeira/Funchal Airport

    At Madeira/Funchal Airport the Europcar Premium Pick-up key dispenser is located a few metres just right after exiting the baggage re-claim area.


    Where can I find my car hire once I have collected the keys?

    You will find the location of your car noted within the summary of your rental agreement. This is printed by the key dispenser during your key collection.


    The documentation received at pick-up for my rental regarding condition/fuel/electricity level is not correct - what do I do?

    Upon arriving at your vehicle, you are able to check if the rental details are correct, if the car has any additional damage not noted on the pick-up form, and if the fuel/electricity level is as expected. If you find anything to be amiss, simply send an email to the address in clause 10 of the rental agreement. Alternatively, contact a member of the Europcar team at the local Europcar desk.